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"The UK’s 5.4 million small businesses are collectively attacked more than seven million times a year" 
- Institute of Directors, 2018

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Cybersecurity Training.

Let's make your people your best defense.

The security threats never stop evolving and even with the latest technologies to help prevent them, they can't catch every one.


A statistic by Mimecast indicated that "67% of organizations reported increases in impersonation fraud."


Giving your users a crash course in cybersecurity could help drastically reduce risk to your business.

Where it's less financially feasible to have dedicated training teams, your users could benefit from our on-demand one to one or team training.

In our courses we:

  • Tailor to the technologies you use already and show your users what to look for when they flag something.

  • Demonstrate examples of social engineered attacks such as phishing (including credential theft) attacks that can cause irreversible damage to your business.

  • Show what a user should do if they click on something they shouldn't have.

Check your defenses.
See how they hold up.

No network is entirely secure, so finding your system's weakpoints and patching them sooner can save your business money and help keep it's reputation.

Using industry standard tools, we can scan for holes in your network and provide solutions to close them including:

  • Known vulnerabilities that if exploited, could cause serious damage.

  • Cybersecurity reviews with a strategy to improve your defense posture.

  • Create a patch management solution to help keep your systems updated, one of the best ways of preventing a breach.

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Endpoint to Cloud Security.
Stack up your protection.

Our approach is simplicity with effectiveness; fast security that is tweaked so it does not get in the way, but effective enough to help keep your business protected. 

  • Using BitDefender, Microsoft technologies or both to provide your business with the most advanced endpoint security from complex threats.

  • Cloud based web and email filtering to help protect your users from threats and inappropriate content wherever they're working from.

  • Improve the defenses on your on premise or cloud infrastructure with the latest firewall and intrusion prevention technologies.

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