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Success Story: EBM Accounting - Counting for the future.

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

EBM Accounting is a friendly small business of two that provides accounting and tax assistance services to businesses. They were based on a hosted version of Office 365 which provided their email and document services.

Native Office 365 and Azure was identified as the best fit solution for EBMA. As they were already familiar with the email (Exchange Online), collaboration (Teams) and document (OneDrive) features, it would make the migration even more seamless.

Sense took over the process of setting up their new 365 home, transferring mailboxes and document contents with minimal down time. Where before a folder was being shared from one user account for collaboration, a SharePoint site was created to act like a shared drive which also grants granular permission controls and enables live collaboration, saying goodbye to the “document is in use by user” message documents on traditional shared drives suffered from. In addition, we also activated and configured advanced security products within Office 365 which scans emails and documents before delivery, detonating them to see if they would cause damage to their systems.

One of the greatest advantages of your business controlling its own 365 tenant is the ability to access the great plethora of services and features the Microsoft platform has to offer. For EBMA, this now opens the doors to utilizing more tools in the future to help them as they grow. For example, leveraging a feature called Intune, allowing central device management to create a consistent user experience, compliance monitoring to ensure PC’s maintain the required security standard and auto provisioning allowing laptops to be setup by a user just by signing into them.

We also moved EBMA’s antivirus solution onto a new EDR product (Endpoint Detection and Response) which builds upon traditional security products using machine learning and other advanced behavioral technologies to detect complex threats that can cause serious damage to businesses.

What did EBMA think?

Sense evaluated our current setup, advised on our options and implemented. Our original setup had been designed for our pilot phase, and while it had been working well, it was overdue a health check. We knew we wanted to create a shared drive, but didn’t have the knowledge or expertise to know where to start, and the security review provided peace of mind. Tony explained our options, and worked to our budget, dividing the work into phases that can be implemented as we scale. We also have the added confidence that we have a trusted expert we can contact for future maintenance work. Professional service, highly recommended.

Is Office 365 safe for firms that handle that kind of sensitive information?

Absolutely, the platform hosts multiple standards and configurable/purchasable security measures to help keep your business safe. By default, all data is encrypted in transit and at rest using industry standards.

We also enabled MFA (Multi Factor authentication) which came as standard with the chosen Office 365 Standard license requires a user to have a code sent to their phone for entry during login – this helps verify a genuine login and also acts as a safeguard in the event a user’s credentials were stolen or correctly guessed by an unauthorized party.

The platform also offers numerous features to help business achieve the required compliance grades. More information can be found on their site here.

For more information on how we could help your business, contact us via email ( or call us on +441182066810.

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