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Remote Working, the new essential. Cyber Security, more important than ever.

A lot has happened over this year and the way we work may have been changed forever.

According to Office of National Statistics, 60% of the UK’s adult population were working from home during the height of the Coronavirus lockdown. This creates the new challenge of enabling your staff to work from home seamlessly and securely.

Sense helps small businesses in the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire areas to find the best options to empower your employees to work from anywhere using the very latest technologies:

· VPN which gives your teams secure access to your corporate network.

· VDI providing a virtual desktop solution, where you can use any device, anywhere to use a dedicated company desktop.

· Cloud where you can move your emails with a branded domain name, files, telephony, and device management for a seamless user experience and improved company image.

That is one piece of the puzzle, with one small business being hacked every 19 seconds (as reported by Hiscox), it is important to stay on top of your cyber security too. We offer a complete cyber security overhaul and monitoring, using products and services including:

· Next generation Antivirus (EDR) that monitors the behavior of your machines using machine learning

· Cloud based filtering of malicious emails and websites before they reach your users.

· Automated Patching to keep your systems up to date, reducing the chance of an attack succeeding.

Contact us on +44 118 206 6810 or to book a free discovery call.

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