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Open Server

"Success today requires the agility and drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react and reinvent" - Bill Gates

Switch in rack

Improve your estate.
Give your network a boost.

We can help improve many aspects of your network to help make it work better for you and your users including:

  • Improving the wireless coverage to overcome those patchy areas.

  • Create solutions to help support projects and business aims.

  • Upgrade your server infrastructure including virtualization environments such as Hyper-V and VMWare

  • Roll out Windows 10 so your users can benefit from the latest features and security upgrades.

  • Optimize your environment, such as resolving slow startup and login times.

Stay connected.
Wherever you are.

With the latest in remote acces technologies, you can get connected to your office network with ease.

  • Use VDI (Or virtual desktop infrastructure) that allows you to use a workspace environment as if you were in the office. 

  • VPN Technologies to plug your laptop in to your office network remotely using the latest security and connectivity standards.

Laptop On Tray

Zero touch.
Streamline your systems.

Automate tedious processes and streamline the user experience so your more productive.


  • Implement automatic deployment solutions allowing you to roll out new equipment with all your business apps with ease.

  • Create a consistent user experience on any device your staff login to.


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